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Here are all the English grammar excercises on this website

An indefinite pronoun is a type of pronoun that doesn't refer to a specific person, place, thing, or group. Instead, it refers to non-specific or unidentified individuals or entities. Indefinite pronouns are used when you want to talk about people or things in a general or unspecified way. They are often used to avoid repeating nouns in sentences.

Examples of indefinite pronouns include:

1. Somebody: Someone who is not identified or specific.

2. Anybody: Any person, no matter who.

3. Everybody: Every person, all people.

4. Nobody: No person, no one.

5. Something: An unspecified thing.

6. Anything: Any unspecified thing.

7. Everything: All things, the entirety.

8. Nothing: No thing, not anything.

9. Somewhere: An unspecified place.

10. Anywhere: Any unspecified place.

11. Nowhere: No place, not anywhere.

Indefinite pronouns are commonly used in sentences to make general statements, ask questions about unspecified individuals or things, and indicate an unknown or unspecific quality.

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