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Academic English Course

If you are a student and non-native English speaker looking to study in an English-speaking country then this academic English course is the only course that help you to improve your English language skills for your academic purposes. This course is focused on English language and communication skills that are specifically required to learn english for academic purposes.


“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” – Albert Einstein

What does this course covers ?

Academic Vocabulary & Writting skill

In this course you will learn academic vocabulary specific to your study like technical terms related to academic interest, Jargons and idioms that are commonly used in academic. You will also learn how to write different types of academic documents such as research papers or reports. You will learn how to structure your writing with proper usage of grammar and punctuations.

Critical thinking

In this course you will learn how to analyse and evaluate academic text and writeups and present your ideas logically and convincingly.

Presentations skills

You will learn how to prepare and deliver effective presentations, including how to structure your presentation, use visual aids, and engage your audience.

How Can Our Business English Course Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Improve Your academic performance

By improving your academic English you will be able to understand and engage better with your academic texts and lectures and can prepare high quality academic work.

Prepare for Higher Education

Our Academic English course will help you to prepare for your higher education by familiarizing you with academic vocabulary, writing conventions. This will help to smoother transition to higher education.

Enhance Your Critical Thinking Skills

This course will help you to teach how to analyze and evaluate texts related to academics and present your ideas in a logical and in a convincing way, these are essential skills for your academic success.

Increase Your Confidence

By improving your English speaking and writing skills you will feel more confident to communicate effectively and able to participate in different discussions and debates. You can also start presenting your ideas in such academic forums.

Academic English Learning
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