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General English Course

Struggling to speak English effectively?? If you are looking to improve your English Speaking skills for personal or for professional reason, then look no further!!! This course covers every aspects of English language.  

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The General English Course is typically designed to improve it’s students ability in all areas of English Language which includes grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking and it’s listening skills. This course is suitable for students or professionals who want to improve their English skills for personal, academic or professional reasons. This course are taught by our pool of experienced and certified teachers who will provide you the best in class personalized instructions and lessons to achieve your desired level of proficiency.

What does this course covers ?

Grammar and Vocabulary

In this course you will learn all the English grammar rules and how to structure it in a systematic way, making it much easier to apply them while in your writing and speaking. You will also learn new words that help you to increase your vocabulary through reading, writing and listening exercises

Reading and Writing

Our experienced and certified teachers will teach you how to read and comprehend texts such as news articles, short stories and other writeups. You will also get to learn how to write emails, essays, and reports. 

Speaking and Listening

In this course you will learn how to listen and speak fluently and confidently in English. You will get the opportunity to learn & understand different types of accents, this will help you to communicate effectively with native English speakers.

How Can Our General English Course Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Improve Your Communication Skills

This course will teach you how to speak and write fluently, correctly and confidently in English. This is the most essential part if you want to communicate effectively with native English speakers during your professional or social gathering.

Gain Confidence

Learning a new language can be difficult, our General English Course can help you to gain confidence in your English written and speaking skills by providing you the world class study materials and by providing supportive learning environment. You will be able to practice speaking and writing in English without any fear and you will receive valuable feedback from our learned teachers, this will help you to improve.

Enhance Your Career Prospects

English is a globally accepted business language and being able to speak and write English fluently is a valuable skill in the workspace. By taking out General English course, you will able to improve communication, vocabulary and writing skills, making you the best candidate for employers.

Prepare for Further Study

If you are planning to study abroad where English is the medium of instruction, our General English Course can help you to prepare. We will help you to learn academic language which will be essential during your higher education.

English course
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