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Here are all the English grammar excercises on this website

A reflexive pronoun is a pronoun that refers back to the subject of a sentence or clause. It is used when the subject and the object of a verb are the same entity. Reflexive pronouns are formed by adding "-self" (singular) or "-selves" (plural) to certain personal pronouns. Here are some examples of reflexive pronouns:

1. I hurt myself while playing basketball.

2. She told herself that she could do it.

3. They enjoyed themselves at the party.

4. He taught himself how to play the guitar.

5. We should take care of ourselves.

6. The cat groomed itself.

7. Please help yourselves to some food.

8. The children dressed themselves for school.

In these examples, the reflexive pronouns "myself," "herself," "themselves," "himself," "ourselves," "itself," and "yourselves" reflect back to the subjects ("I," "She," "They," "He," "We," "The cat," and "You") of the sentences.

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