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Frequently Asked questions

Doubts about how Learn English Works? We help you with these frequently asked questions. If you cannot find answers to your question, do not hesitate to contact us by chat or email.

Q1: What is your English learning course and what does it offer?

A: Our English learning course is an online program which is designed to help students to improve their English Language skills. We offer personalized lessons, online practice study materials and assessments. Our experienced teachers provide valuable feedback and support.

Q2: This Learning course if designed for?

A: Our every learning course is designed for anyone who wants to improve the English speaking, reading and learning course. It is very much suitable for learners or students of all levels.

Q3: How are the English Learning courses structured and what are the course components?

A: Our English learning course is structured and designed to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Our course component includes online lessons, quizzes, assignments and practice tests.

Q4: How long each course and how much time required to complete?

A: The course length and time required varies depending on your individual need and goal. It also depends of what type course you have enrolled. On an average the course can be completed in 6-12 months with a recommended time of 10-12 hours per week.

Q5How long each classes happen?

A: Each class happen for 30-60 mins. We can also personalise the timings based on you requirement.

Q6: How can I enroll for English courses and what is the cost?

A: To enroll our English courses, you can simply visit our contact page and send your message. We will contact you to provide all required details. We have different affordable plan which is as low as €5.

Q7: What level of English proficiency do I need to enroll for?

A: Our English learning course is designed to cater students of all levels. To check what is your level of proficiency you can try taking our free level test.

Q8: How is progress assessed and how feedbacks provided by teachers?

A: Through our various methods like online quizzes, assessments and practice test we assess your progress. Our experienced teachers will provide you feedback and support throughout the course via chat or video conferencing.

Q9: Can I join the course at any time, or is there any specific dates to join the courses?

A: You can join our courses at any point in time, our courses run through out whole year.

Q10: Do we need to have any specific device or equipment to join the course?

A: You only need access to computer or laptop or tablet or smartphone with an active and good internet connection. In addition to this you need specific software like skype, google meet or teams.

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