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What is countable noun with examples

Countable nouns are nouns that can be counted using whole numbers and have singular and plural forms. They can be accompanied by indefinite articles (a/an) and numerical references (one, two, three, etc.). Here are a few examples to illustrate countable nouns:

"Bird": Birds can be counted individually, as seen in the sentence "I saw three birds on the branch."
"Shirt": Shirts can be counted as separate items, for example, "She has five shirts in her wardrobe."
"Chair": Chairs can be counted as distinct objects, such as "There are six chairs around the dining table."
"Student": Students can be counted as individuals, like in the statement "There are ten students in the classroom."
"Carrot": Carrots can be counted individually, as in "She bought three carrots from the grocery store."
"House": Houses can be counted as separate entities, for instance, "There are four houses on this block."
"Pen": Pens can be counted as separate items, such as "I have two pens in my pencil case."
"Table": Tables can be counted individually, as seen in "We need three tables for the conference."
"Child": Children can be counted as individuals, for example, "They have three children in their family."
"Computer": Countable computers can be owned, like in "He owns two computers for work and gaming."

The exercise presents you with ten sentences, each containing a countable noun. For each sentence, you need to choose the correct quantifier from a dropdown list that best describes the noun. Once you have selected the quantifier, the exercise will evaluate your choice. If your selection is correct, the sentence will indicate that it is correct. If your choice is incorrect, the sentence will be marked in red to indicate the mistake. At the end of the exercise, the total score out of 10 will be displayed, indicating how many correct answers you provided. The purpose of this exercise is to help you practice matching the appropriate quantifiers with countable nouns and improve your understanding of noun quantification.

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