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Conversation English Course

Are you looking to improve your English speaking skills? Do you want to sound more confident when communicating in English? Our Conversation English Course is designed to help you do just that! 

At learnenglish, we understand the importance of effective communication in today's globalized world. That's why we have designed a english course that focuses on improving your public speaking, building your confidence and helping you to express yourself in English.

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One-On-One Tutoring

“Deep conversations with someone who understands you is everything. ” – TheMindsjournal

What does this course covers ?

Speaking skills

In our english language schools we provide lots of opportunities to practice your speaking skills. We do the pratice through role-plays, debates and discussions.

Fluency and confidence

The end goal of our english course is to help you become more fluent and confident when speaking English, so you can communicate effectively in a variety of situations.

Pronunciation and intonation

You will learn how to improve your english pronunciation and phonetics to english and intonation to sound more natural when speaking.

How Can Our conversation English Course Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Improve Your Communication Skills

In this course you will learn how to communicate in English effectively in you workspace, this is very important for building professional relationships and collaborating with your colleagues.

Prepare for International Business

If you are planning to work with international clients or colleagues, our conversation English Course can help you to prepare for this by improving your ability to communicate across cultures and borders.

Improve Your Career Prospects

By Improving your vocabulary and writing and communication skills you will become a valuable assets to your organization, this will help you in your career advancement.

Expand Your Professional Network

By learning how to effectively speak in English, you will have more opportunities to connect with professionals in different industries. This will lead to new business opportunity and career opportunities.

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