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What is countable noun with examples

Countable nouns refer to nouns that can be counted or measured using whole numbers. They possess singular and plural forms and can be utilized with indefinite articles (a/an) and numerical expressions (one, two, three, etc.). Here are several examples of countable nouns:

"Dog": You can count individual dogs, as demonstrated by the sentence "I saw three dogs playing in the park."
"Book": Individual books can be counted, as shown in the statement "She has five books on her bookshelf."
"Chair": Countable chairs can be observed, such as in the phrase "There are six chairs around the dining table."
"Student": You can count individual students, for instance, "There are ten students in the classroom."
"Car": Countable cars can be owned, as exemplified by the sentence "He owns two cars, one for commuting and one for road trips."
"Apple": Individual apples can be counted, as indicated by the sentence "She ate three apples as a healthy snack."
"House": You can count individual houses, as illustrated by the statement "There are four houses on this street."
"Pen": Countable pens can be possessed, such as in the phrase "I have two pens in my pencil case."
"Table": You can count individual tables, for example, "We need three tables for the event venue."
"Child": Individual children can be counted, as shown by the sentence "They have three children, two boys and one girl."

To play the fill-in-the-blanks exercise, read the instructions provided at the beginning. The exercise focuses on using the words "some," "any," "a," or "an" correctly based on whether the nouns are countable or uncountable. Each sentence contains a blank space, and your task is to fill in that blank space with the appropriate word choice. Consider the context and grammar rules when selecting your answers.

Next, for each sentence, locate the input box that represents the blank space. It may be denoted by an underscore or a highlighted area. Type your chosen word ("some," "any," "a," or "an") into the input box that corresponds to the sentence. Take your time to consider each answer carefully.

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