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What is countable noun with examples

Countable nouns are nouns that can be quantified using whole numbers and have singular and plural forms. They are compatible with indefinite articles (a/an) and numerical references (one, two, three, etc.). Here are several instances of countable nouns:

"Cat": You can count individual cats, like in the sentence "I saw three cats in the alley."
"Ball": You can count individual balls, as in "She has five balls in her toy box."
"Tablet": Countable tablets can be observed, such as "There are six tablets on the store shelf."
"Teacher": You can count individual teachers, for instance, "There are ten teachers in the school."
"Bicycle": Countable bicycles can be owned, like in the statement "He owns two bicycles."
"Orange": Individual oranges can be counted, as in "She ate three oranges for a snack."
"Tree": You can count individual trees, for example, "There are four trees in the park."
"Cup": Countable cups can be possessed, like in "I have two cups in my kitchen cabinet."
"Child": You can count individual children, such as "We have three children in our family."
"Guitar": Countable guitars can be owned, for instance, "He has two guitars in his collection."

In this countable noun exercise, you are presented with a passage or paragraph to read. Within the passage, certain words are marked as clickable elements. Your objective is to identify the words that are countable nouns based on grammar rules and contextual understanding. Click on the words you believe are countable nouns, and they will visually change to indicate their classification. After clicking on all the countable nouns you identified, submit your answers. The exercise will evaluate your choices and calculate your score, displaying it on the screen. By participating in this exercise, you can practice identifying countable nouns, improve your grammar skills, and deepen your understanding of countable nouns in context.

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