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What is countable noun with Examples:

A countable noun refers to a noun that can be counted or quantified using whole numbers. These nouns have singular and plural forms and can be used with indefinite articles (a/an) and numbers (one, two, three, etc.). Here are a few examples of countable nouns:

"Dog" - You can count individual dogs. For example, "I saw three dogs in the park."

"Book" - You can count individual books. For example, "She has five books on her shelf."

"Chair" - You can count individual chairs. For example, "There are six chairs in the dining room."

"Student" - You can count individual students. For example, "There are ten students in the classroom."

"Car" - You can count individual cars. For example, "He owns two cars."

"Apple" - You can count individual apples. For example, "She ate three apples for breakfast."

"House" - You can count individual houses. For example, "There are four houses on this street."

"Pen" - You can count individual pens. For example, "I have two pens in my bag."

"Table" - You can count individual tables. For example, "We need three tables for the party."

"Child" - You can count individual children. For example, "They have three children."

These examples demonstrate how countable nouns can be used with both singular and plural forms, as well as how they can be quantified using numbers or indefinite articles.

The exercise consists of ten words, and your task is to determine whether each word is countable or uncountable. To respond, you should select "Yes" if the noun is countable or "No" if it is uncountable.

You can make your selections by choosing the appropriate option from the dropdown menu next to each word. Once you have made your selections for all ten words, you can submit your answers by clicking the "Submit" button.

After submission, the exercise will evaluate your answers and display the results. The correct answers are predefined, and your score will be calculated based on the number of correct responses out of ten. The score will be displayed, and for each word, the selected options will be marked as correct or incorrect. Correct selections will be displayed in green, while incorrect selections will be displayed in red.

The purpose of this exercise is to practice identifying whether nouns are countable or uncountable. By completing the exercise, you can enhance your understanding of noun countability in English.

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